Enabling Environment for CSOs

Enabling Environment for CSOs
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EU Policy and Guidelines on Enabling Environment for CSOs

Enabling Environment for CSOs

Developing an enabling environment for CSOs is highly significant for the creation of an effective, vibrant and active civil society in both the TC and GC communities.

Enabling environment includes various aspects such as legal environment, financial environment and participation of civil society in decision-making processes.

In order to support civil society in strengthening their capacity to participate in designing, advocating, monitoring, implementation and evaluation of legislation as well as to create a joint strategy of CSOs and Turkish Cypriot administration “of an enabling environment for civil society development,” Civic Space will carry-out the following tasks:

  • Support the creation of an Online Database/Register for CSOs
  • Assist in the Drafting of a Multi-Annual Strategy
  • Legal Analysis and Improvement Proposals
  • Development of Codes for Public Consultation and Criteria for Public Funding
  • Support the Setting Up of a Unit for CSOs
  • Study Visit to Improve the Enabling Environment for CSOs
  • Capacity Building of Local Bodies.