What is “Grow Civic”?

The Grow Civic is an in-kind support programme to be implemented under Civic Space project, to provide flexible, transparent and accessible direct support to rights-based, public benefit work carried out by activists, citizen’s initiatives, platforms, networks, and Civil Societies Organizations (CSOs).



Who can request support?

The following individuals and/or organisations can request support from Grow Civic:

  • Activists (legally residing in Cyprus);
  • Registered or unregistered civil society platforms, networks, citizen’s initiatives, groups;
  • Registered associations, foundations and non-profit companies;
  • Trade unions, Local cooperatives, Professional Organizations, Greek Cypriot CSOs, Greek Cypriot citizens’ initiatives and Greek Cypriot activists can request support only in partnership with a Turkish Cypriot CSO or Turkish Cypriot citizen’s groups working for public good/benefit; Greek Cypriot activists can request support only in partnership with Turkish Cypriot activists.

Which actions are supported?

Public benefit and rights-based actions that aim at least one of the below objectives can be supported:

  • To increase accountability and visibility of CSOs toward the public including measures to improve the enabling environment for civil society;
  • To promote Human Rights and Democracy, involving citizens in policy dialogue, design and monitoring;
  • To support reconciliation, dialogue, closer relationship and trust between the Turkish Cypriot and the Greek Cypriot communities;
  • To support the exchange of good practices, with stakeholders, especially from the other EU Member States and IPA countries, allowing the creation and expansion of citizens’ networks, initiatives and platforms, including support for voluntarism.


Which activities are supported?

Public benefit and rights-based activities of the above mentioned individuals or groups will be supported. Grow Civic aims to stand flexible to answer the changing needs of civil society and activists. An indicative list of eligible activities is provided below but will not be limited with these:

  • Organising or participating in meetings, conferences, workshops, seminars, study visits, or similar events, in line with the objectives of the Programme (e.g.: Human rights, civil society and participatory democracy, peace and reconciliation);
  • Expert(s)’ support for trainings, facilitation, workshops, etc.;
  • Creation of and participation in networks; cooperation, partnership initiatives and similar activities (in Cyprus, in other EU Member States or IPA Countries);
  • Translation support for eligible activities;
  • Organising and/or participating in advocacy work, lobbying activities, campaigns and similar activities.


How much support is provided?

The minimum support to be provided is €50.
The upper limit is €3.000.
For actions aiming towards the 4th Grow Civic objective mentioned above, containing networking and partnership events with stakeholders in other EU Member States or IPA countries, and which include activities to take place in those countries (i.e. study visits, internship, joint events, networking and partnership events) the upper limit is €5.000.

For more information:

Information Note

For the request form and supporting documents:

To request for support, you can use the form below and send it to apply@civicspace.eu. The document named annexes is designed to support you while answering some of the questions in the request form.
Request for Support Form


For the eligibility checklists:

The document below will be used by Civic Space to assess your request for support and is being shared with you only for informative purposes.

Eligibility Checklist

To request support, please use our online system.

Grow Civic Online System