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# Organization Name Field Of Work Region
1 21 Culture Arts and Sports Association Culture Nicosia Detail
2 Accept LGBTI Cyprus LGBTI Nicosia Detail
3 Akçay Culture and Arts Association -AKDER Culture Morphou/Güzelyurt Detail
4 Akdeniz Nature Eco-Agro Tourism Association Ecology Kyrenia Detail
5 Akdeniz Village Development and Environment Protection Association Culture Kyrenia Detail
6 Akdoğan Innovative Women`s Association Women`s Rights Famagusta Detail
7 Akova Women`s Association Women`s Rights Famagusta Detail
8 AKTI PROJECT AND RESEARCH CENTRE Environment/Nature Nicosia Detail
9 Alaniçi Women`s Association Culture Famagusta Detail
10 Alayköy Culture and Art Association Culture Nicosia Detail
11 Association for Bilingualism in Cyprus Education Nicosia Detail
12 Association for Historical Dialogue and Research Education Nicosia Detail
13 Association for the Improvement of Cengiz Topel Hospital Health Lefka/Lekfe Detail
14 Association of Eldery Rights & Mental Health Human Rights Famagusta Detail
15 Association of Linguistic Research Culture Nicosia Detail
16 Association of Solidarity of Disabled Families Disability Nicosia Detail
17 Association of Women to Support Living-KAYAD Women`s Rights Nicosia Detail
18 Asya Equestrian Sports Club Sports Famagusta Detail
19 Aydınköy Solidarity Association Solidarity Morphou/Güzelyurt Detail
20 Bağlıköy Eco-Tourism Volunteers Association Ecology Lefka/Lefke Detail
21 BEMSA Culture Arts and Sports Association Culture Trikomo/İskele Detail
22 BirdLife Cyprus Environment/Nature Nicosia Detail
23 Bussiness Women Association Women`s Rights Nicosia Detail
24 Büyükkonuk Eco-Tourism Association Ecology Trikomo/İskele Detail
25 Çamlıbel District Development and Living Association (ÇAM-SEV) Ecology Kyrenia Detail
26 Cancer Research Foundation Health Nicosia Detail
27 Çatalköy Association for Culture and Development (CADER) Ecology Kyrenia Detail
28 Cave Enthusiasts Association Ecology Kyrenia Detail
29 Center for the Advancement of Research & Development in Educational Technology (CARDET) Education Nicosia Detail
30 Centre for Sustainable Peace and Democratic Development (SeeD) Peace/Reconciliation Nicosia Detail
31 Centre of Visual Arts and Research Culture Nicosia Detail
32 Citizens in Power Education Nicosia Detail
33 Citta Slow Yeniboğaziçi Initiative Ecology Famagusta Detail
34 Civil Society Advocates NGO Advocacy Nicosia Detail
35 Clean Society Association Transparency-Accountability Nicosia Detail
36 Consumer Awareness and Rights Association Solidarity Famagusta Detail
37 Conversation Cafe Cyprus Peace/Reconciliation Detail
38 Cyprus Foundation for Combating Erosion Ecology Nicosia Detail
39 Cyprus Animal Rights Association Animal Rigths Nicosia Detail
40 Cyprus Arts Association Art Famagusta Detail
41 Cyprus Child Foundation Children`s Rights Kyrenia Detail
42 Cyprus EU Association Peace-Reconciliation Nicosia Detail
43 Cyprus Foundation for Hearing and Speech Impairment Disability Nicosia Detail
44 Cyprus Geographical Association Environment/Nature Nicosia Detail
45 Cyprus Girls Can Sport Nicosia Detail
46 Cyprus Green Crescent Health Nicosia Detail
47 Cyprus Photography Association Art Nicosia Detail
48 Cyprus Songs Association Culture Nicosia Detail
49 Cyprus Tukish Photography Association (FODER) Art Nicosia Detail
50 Cyprus Turkish Association of Managers Professional Nicosia Detail
51 Cyprus Turkish Biologists Association for Research and Protection of Nature Ecology Nicosia Detail
52 Cyprus Turkish Culture and Solidarity Association Culture Famagusta Detail
53 Cyprus Turkish Diabetes Organization Health Nicosia Detail
54 Cyprus Turkish Dietitians Union Professional Nicosia Detail
55 Cyprus Turkish Education Lovers Association Education Famagusta Detail
56 Cyprus Turkish Helpful Women`s Union Solidarity Kyrenia Detail
57 Cyprus Turkish Journalist Association Professional Nicosia Detail
58 Cyprus Turkish Librarians Association Professional Nicosia Detail
59 Cyprus Turkish Multiple Sclerosis Association Health Nicosia Detail
60 Cyprus Turkish Orthopaedic Disabled Association Disability Nicosia Detail
61 Cyprus Turkish Pediatry Association Professional Nicosia Detail
62 Cyprus Turkish Philately Association Culture Nicosia Detail
63 Cyprus Turkish Physiotheraphy and Rehabilitation Association Health Famagusta Detail
64 Cyprus Turkish Science and Technology Association Science Nicosia Detail
65 Cyprus Turkish Secondary Education Teachers' Union Education Nicosia Detail
66 Cyprus Turkish Social Solidarity and Culture Association Solidarity Famagusta Detail
67 Cyprus Turkish Tourist Guides Association Professional Nicosia Detail
68 Cyprus Turkish Women`s Association - Famagusta Women`s Rights Famagusta Detail
69 Cyprus Turkish Women`s Association-Nicosia Women`s Rights Nicosia Detail
70 Cyprus Turkish Women`s Council Association Women`s Rights Nicosia Detail
71 Cyprus Turkish-French Cultural Association Culture Nicosia Detail
72 Cyprus Youth Council Youth Nicosia Detail
73 Değirmenlik Arts Association (DESDER) Culture Nicosia Detail
74 Değirmenlik Environment and Promotion Association Ecology Nicosia Detail
75 Denizli Gemikonağı Development Association Solidarity Lefka/Lefke Detail
76 Dialysis and Kidney Patient`s Solidarity Association Health Nicosia Detail
77 Doğancı Development Association Culture and Arts Lefka/Lefke Detail
78 Doğanköy Community Association Culture Kyrenia Detail
79 Ecological Movement Cyprus Environment/Nature Nicosia Detail
80 EMCC Cyprus (European Mentoring and Coaching Council, Cyprus) Education Nicosia Detail
81 Environment Protection Foundation Ecology Nicosia Detail
82 Envision Diversity LGBTİ Nicosia Detail
83 Esentepe Clean Environment and Promotion Association Ecology Kyrenia Detail
84 European Mediterranean Art Association Art Nicosia Detail
85 Famagusta Avenue Garage Peace/Reconciliation Famagusta Detail
86 Famagusta Cultural Association Culture Famagusta Detail
87 Famagusta Folk Dance Association Culture Famagusta Detail
88 Famagusta Walled City Association (MASDER) Culture Famagusta Detail
89 Famagusta Women`s Center Association-MAKAMER Women`s Rights Famagusta Detail
90 Famagusta Youth Centre-MAGEM Youth Famagusta Detail
91 Feminist Atelier (FEMA) Women `s Rights Nicosia Detail
92 Fight Against Cancer Association Health Nicosia Detail
93 Folk Arts Foundation-HASDER Culture Nicosia Detail
94 Forever Friends Ecology Famagusta Detail
95 Fourth Wall Culture and Thought Association Art Morphou/Güzelyurt Detail
96 Fractal Folks Ecology Nicosia Detail
97 Geographic Society of Cyprus Geography Nicosia Detail
98 Girne Beşparmak Lions Club Solidarity Kyrenia Detail
99 Golden Paws Association Animal Rights Nicosia Detail
100 Gönendere Culture and Art Association Culture Famagusta Detail
101 Greek Language Association Culture Nicosia Detail
102 Green Action Group Ecology Nicosia Detail
103 Green Island Association Ecology Nicosia Detail
104 Güzelyurt Art Association Culture Morphou/Güzelyurt Detail
105 Güzelyurt Arts Association Culture Morphou/Güzelyurt Detail
106 Güzelyurt Cultural Heritage Protection Association Culture Morphou/Güzelyurt Detail
107 Güzelyurt Folk Music Association Culture Morphou/Güzelyurt Detail
108 Güzelyurt GreenIsland Leo Club Solidarity Morphou/Güzelyurt Detail
109 Güzelyurt Improvement and Development Association Ecology Morphou/Güzelyurt Detail
110 Hands Across the Divide Women's Rights Nicosia Detail
111 Help Those With Cancer Association-Trikomo/İskele Branch Health Trikomo/İskele Detail
112 Home for Cooperation Peace/Reconciliation Nicosia Detail
113 Hope for Autism Association Disability Famagusta Detail
114 Human Resources Management Association Professional Nicosia Detail
115 International Children and Youth Film Festival of Cyprus Media Information Literacy Education for Children and Youth Nicosia Detail
116 İskele Shopkeepers and Artisans Union Professional Trikomo/İskele Detail
117 İskele Women`s Association Women`s Rights Trikomo/İskele Detail
118 Islander Women`s Association Women`s Rights Nicosia Detail
119 Kalkanlı Cooperation and Solidarity Association (KAYDER) Culture Morphou/Güzelyurt Detail
120 Karşıyaka Culture and Arts Association Culture Kyrenia Detail
121 Kemal Saraçoğlu Foundation for Children with Leukemia and Fights Aganist Cancer Health Nicosia Detail
122 Kyrenia Animal Rescue Animal Rights Kyrenia Detail
123 Kyrenia Inner Wheel Club Association Solidarity Kyrenia Detail
124 Kyrenia Young Arts Lovers Association Art Kyrenia Detail
125 Kyrenia Youth & Resource Centre Youth Kyrenia Detail
126 Laona Foundation for the Regeneration and Conservation of Cypriot Countryside Environment/Nature Limassol Detail
127 Larnaca Women`s Union Association Solidarity Trikomo/İskele Detail
128 Lefka Help Those With Cancer Association Health Lefka/Lefke Detail
129 Lefka Women`s Council Women`s Rights Lefka/Lefke Detail
130 Lefke and Neighbourhood Pioneer Women`s Association Solidarity Lefka/Lefke Detail
131 Lefke Culture and Arts Association Culture Lefka/Lefke Detail
132 Lefke Tourism Association Ecology Lefka/Lefke Detail
133 Lefkoşa Folklore Association (FOLK-DER) Culture Nicosia Detail
134 Maraş Union and Cooperation Association (MARAŞ-DER) Solidarity Famagusta Detail
135 Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS) Women's Rights Nicosia Detail
136 Modern Folk Dance Association Culture Nicosia Detail
137 Mormenekşe Modern Women Association Women`s Rights Famagusta Detail
138 Mormenekşe Women`s Union Association Women`s Rights Famagusta Detail
139 Mosaik Arts Nicosia Detail
140 MULTI-ARTS CROSSINGS Arts Nicosia Detail
141 Mustafa Güvenir -Arın Güvenir Education Foundation Education Nicosia Detail
142 NGO SUPPORT CENTRE Capacity Building Nicosia Detail
143 North Cyprus Ceramists Association Art Kyrenia Detail
144 North Cyprus Dyslexia Association Disability Nicosia Detail
145 North Cyprus Turkish Red Crescent Society Solidarity Nicosia Detail
146 Old Turkish Folklore Revival Association Culture Famagusta Detail
147 Organic Life and Agriculture Association Ecology Nicosia Detail
148 Peace Players Cyprus Association Peace-Reconciliation Nicosia Detail
149 PeacePlayers-Cyprus Sports Nicosia Detail
150 PeacePlayers-Cyprus Sports Nicosia Detail
151 POST Research Institute Peace-Reconciliation Nicosia Detail
152 Queer Cyprus Association LGBTİ Nicosia Detail
153 Refugee Rights Association Refugee Rights Nicosia Detail
154 Safe Food and Healthy Life Association Health Nicosia Detail
155 See Why Youth Nicosia Detail
156 Serdarlı Health and Culture Association Culture Famagusta Detail
157 Slow Food Salamis Ecology Famagusta Detail
158 Slowfood Komi Kebir Ecology Famagusta Detail
159 Society for the Protection of Birds and Nature Ecology Nicosia Detail
160 Society for the Protection of Turtles Ecology Nicosia Detail
161 Society of Nature and Culture Ecology Famagusta Detail
162 SOS Children`s Village Association Children`s Rights Nicosia Detail
163 Sütlüce Solidarity and Activity Association Solidarity Famagusta Detail
164 Taşkent Association for Development and Beautification Solidarity Kyrenia Detail
165 Taşkent Nature Park Ecology Kyrenia Detail
166 Tepebaşı Culture Art and Environment Protection Association Ecology Kyrenia Detail
167 Terra Cypria- The Cyprus Conservation Foundation Nature Conservation & Sustainability Limassol Detail
168 Thalassaemia Association Health Nicosia Detail
169 The Association for Solidarity and Development in Lefke and Surrounding Villages Solidarity Lefka/Lefke Detail
170 The Environmental Society of Lefke Ecology Lefka/Lefke Detail
171 The Management Centre of The Mediterranean Peace-Reconciliation Nicosia Detail
172 Traffic Accidents Prevention Association Education Nicosia Detail
173 TRNC Association of Solidarity with People With Disabilities Disability Nicosia Detail
174 TRNC Cooperation and Solidarity Association Solidarity Nicosia Detail
175 Turkish Cypriot Association of University Women Women`s Rights Nicosia Detail
176 Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Shopkeepers and Artisans Professional Nicosia Detail
177 Turkish Cypriot Child Protection Institution Solidarity Nicosia Detail
178 Turkish Cypriot Human Rights Foundation Human Rights Nicosia Detail
179 Turkish Women`s Union Association Kyrenia Branch Women`s Rights Kyrenia Detail
180 Türkmenköy Culture and Arts Association Culture Famagusta Detail
181 Uluslararası Öğrencilerin Sesleri - VOIS Kıbrıs Human Rights Famagusta Detail
182 Universal Children`s Rights Association Children`s Rights Nicosia Detail
183 Universal Patient`s Rights Association Health Nicosia Detail
184 Urban Gorillas Culture Nicosia Detail
185 Visual Voices Peace/Reconciliation Nicosia Detail
186 Yeniboğaziçi Culture Arts and Environment Association Ecology Famagusta Detail
187 Yeniboğaziçi Women`s Association Women`s Rights Famagusta Detail
188 YEU Cyprus (Youth for Exchange and Understanding) Youth Nicosia Detail
189 Yıldırım Women`s Association Women`s Rights Famagusta Detail
# Organization Name Field Of Work Region