How can you  get involved ?

How can you get involved ?

How can you get involved ?


The Help Desk provides tailor-made day-to-day support to civil society organizations on various issues including but not limited to: 

  • Advocacy;
  • Communication Strategy and Outreach Methods and Tools;
  • Grow Civic In-Kind Support Programme;
  • Legal Texts and Issues;
  • Organisational and institutional development; 
  • Partners search and networking; 
  • Project Design, Development and Management; 
  • Strategic Planning.

 Would you like a meeting with the Help Desk? Please contact us to arrange a meeting.

There are many actions you can take as an individual activist or a civil society organization representative in order to benefit from the trainings organised by the Civic Space team. Many trainings on topics such as fundraising, working with volunteers, communication, social media management, advocacy and conflict management, among others, take place on a regular basis during the year. 

You can follow Civic Space’s Facebook and Instagram accounts for the latest developments about capacity strengthening trainings.

Civic Space can support existing or newly established CSOs, as well as informal networks, platforms or groups by matching them with mentors specialized on different capacity topics such as fundraising, strategic planning, communication, advocacy, working with volunteers, mainstreaming rights-based approach, as well as thematic topics. The mentoring support provided by the mentors in the Civic Space mentors pool is tailor-made, non-hierarchical and adaptable to the needs of CSOs.

To support CSOs in increasing their knowledge and information on different thematic topics, Civic Space has been holding conferences and seminars. International thematic conferences on enabling environment, transparency and accountability and freedom of expression, thematic seminars on topics such as legal enabling environment for CSOs, freedom of expression, social incubation are some examples of these thematic capacity strengthening activities.  

You can follow Civic Space’s Facebook and Instagram accounts for the latest developments about thematic capacity strengthening activities.

Civil Society Forums foster cooperation, consultation and exchange of experiences among CSOs and stakeholders. Civil Society Forum is conducted quarterly, 4 times a year. Civil Society Forum; 

  • is a permanent networking and communication platform for CSOs;
  • enables best practices sharing among CSOs;
  • is a space for CSOs and relevant stakeholders for consultation on policy drafting and monitoring.
  • Civic Space Library 

A library with more than 100 hardcopy resources is available in Civic Space library. You can visit Civic Space office and make use of these resources.   

  • Civic Space Online Library 

There are more than 100 online resources available in the Civic Space online library. You can access these online resources from here

  • Civic Space Meeting Room 

Don’t have a place to get together with your fellow civil society members and activists? Civic Space’s doors are always open. You can book the meeting room for your meetings, trainings, and workshops. To book a place please contact us.  

The Grow Civic is an in-kind support programme  implemented under Civic Space project, to provide flexible, transparent and accessible direct support to rights-based, public benefit work carried out by activists, citizen’s initiatives, platforms, networks, and Civil Societies Organizations (CSOs). For more information click here. 

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